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24 January
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eh, you want to know about me? well....okay!! ^-^

name: キカサ or just kika for short
real name: secret ^-~
parts: bass and mama
birthday: 197X/01/24
birthplace: Nagano
bloodtype: A
star: aquarius
height: 172 cm
weight: 50 kg
hair: usually red but right now it's honey coloured
eyes: dark brandy colour
eyesight: 2.0 (both eyes)
shoesize: 25.5 cm
hobbies: avoiding Yuki's lecherous hands (it's become my full-time job!! Hiro is no help and thinks it's cute >>), playing bass, pachinko, observing other "humans"
speciality: sleeping, pretty much nothing can wake me up once I'm out!! =^-^=

tobacco brand: Marumen Light
alcohol: blood red wine
brands: Gucci and A&G
music: visual
colour: red (but I guess that's obvious, ne? ^-^)
artists: Den-san from Zigzo
people: Miyavi-kun, Kazu-kun, Saki-ouji, Hironbo & Yuki

(I'm not really kika or anyone affiliated with him, unfortunately. >> this is my rp journal for inner_cosmos and nothing more. many of the things featured in this journal are actually based on what kika has said and done irl but with a slight twist or two. ^___^)
[figure;], asagi-san, babylon, by-sexual, d, den-san, due'le quartz, hiro/hironbo, kazu-kun, miyabi-kun, miyavi-kun, saki-ouji, unzu, yuki, zigzo